Extending God’s Love

In this episode we cover:

1. Ways that you can express your faith in the workplace
2. How to use technical skills and practical knowledge around people and processes to create successful outcomes.
3. In this new COVID-19 world, suggestions for how the church can move outside of its four walls to meet community needs.
4. How to incorporate faith into your daily professional work-life and experiences.
5. Broadening outside of the field of medicine, how to start thinking about living and combining your profession to faith regardless of industry

Carlissa Crawford earned her credentials as a Senior HR Professional and a Master’s degree in HR Management. She currently sits on several boards lending her HR expertise, and she is the Chief of Operations/HR for one of the largest labor unions in the country. She is also a Project Manager for one of Chicago’s prominent mega-churches, combining her skills with her passion and her faith.

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