Addiction and The Power of Prayer with Jennifer Maneely

In this episode we will cover:

  1. How divine intervention can bring you through an addiction.
  2. Family can create a powerful experience where God becomes real in your life.
  3. How it is impossible to deny God’s powerful existence.
  4. The importance of striving to be the person God made you to be.
  5. The importance of sharing your story so that others can build their faith, receive support, and not feel so alone in the process.
  6. People in addiction can do horrible things, but they are not their poor decisions and they can be forgiven for them all.
  7. How to help family members support their loved one in addiction.

Jennifer Maneely, founder of Maneely Consulting, Inc. She’s a perfect guest for our show. Her first sentiment expressed to me was, “I’m in the addiction field where sometimes all you have left is a prayer after all the medicine in the world won’t fix everything.” Now that’s a “where medicine meets ministry moment”! In her own words, “having loved ones in addition can leave a person hopeless and desperate and it’s a good reminder to see that God has a plan, even it it’s not the one we necessarily want, but asking for strength and remembering the word of God is imperative to help get families through addition.”

“I suffered with my own addiction and it was purely through divine intervention that I survived. My mom and I had such a powerful experience together, and the events leading up to my last day using were so God led, I could never deny God’s powerful existence. Everyday, I continue to strive to be the person that God made me, and share my story with others so they can have faith, support, and maybe not feel so lost through the process of having loved ones in addiction. 





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