I Am This Woman with Barbara Hoard

In this episode we cover:

  • What it means when you personally and professionally declare “I Am This Woman”
  • How finding your truth can be like shopping for shoes!
  • Defining your truth, whether it’s your passion, your purpose, your relationships, or your health.
  • Owning your truth comes from owning who you are.
  • What God service can look like in your life.
  • How to not let doubt and fear stop your progress or prevent you from taking that first step.
  • Failing is an option that you can recover from. You’re not a failure because you try something and it doesn’t work out; you fail only when you stop trying.
  • How to have faith to be your best self.
  • How to learn to trust the process.
  • Trusting in what God has placed in you.
  • Your word + Your work can shape Your world!

Barbara Hoard is the Founder of I Am This Woman, a show on Facebook interviewing women on their stories, dreams, and passions. It is evolving to a platform with a commitment to building up the lives and careers of women, with blogs, shows, classes and so much more. Alongside this role, she also currently serves as an Executive Director of the non-profit organization, A Prom To Remember, which works to help teen cancer patients have the most magical nights of their lives.

With an obvious dedication to helping others, Barbara utilizes years of experience in doing all she can to make a positive impact on her community. Whether she is making dreams come true for those who battle cancer or developing comprehensive women’s empowerment workshops that provide women with safe environments to share their fears, doubts, and dreams as they connect with one another, Barbara remains undaunted in her mission to guide others in realizing their essence as they accomplish each of their goals.

Email: barbara@iamthiswoman.com

Brand/Organization Name:

I Am This Woman



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