Spiritually Transformative Experiences with Wendy Williams

In this episode we cover:

How you can wake up spiritually

What does a near-death experience look and feel like

How a near-death experience can be the first time a person feels true love

What is it like to have a heavenly experience

How to hear the whisper of your own wise and loving soul.

How to release energy that no longer serves you so that you can lead a happier, healthier life that is filled with purpose.

How we can restore our faith in God and the Divine no matter what’s happened -but rather because of – what’s occurred in our lives. 

How shifting from ‘Why is this happening to me?’ to “How is this serving me?” changes everything.

How to shift from a “human do-ing” to a “human be-ing”

Wendy Williams had a life-changing NDE (Near-Death Experience) in 1997 while pregnant. In 2010 she met the soul mate who “had the soul contract to wake me up spiritually; and he also had the contract to break my heart repeatedly”, until she stood in her power, fully, without abusing it, and got on her life path.  

Over the next few years, she had so many Spiritually Transformative Experiences that she retrained as a Certified Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master energy healer, and hypnotherapist specializing in past-life regression. She also became an author and began speaking about her soul-level experiences to assist others.

As a Past Life Adventure Guide, Wendy now helps adults from around the world who are struggling to release pain, anxiety, and depression. Through the techniques she’s learned working with some of the world’s most renowned hypnotherapy experts including, Dr. Brian Weiss, she has been able to lead clients through a healing process.

Email: wendy@WendyRoseWilliams.com

Brand/Organization Name:

Regression Healing




https://www.facebook.com/gwendolyn.rose.79 (personal page) 




 Wendy co-hosts a podcast twice monthly, “Waking Up Spiritually!” which airs LIVE on the 2nd & 4th Sundays at 1 PM Pacific. https://wakingupspiritually.com/broadcasts/ 

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