Transforming Your Personal Pain into Purpose with Dr. Goldie and Coach Carla

In this episode we cover:

The multi-factorial, neuro-behavioral, and psychological effects of obesity

How you and your loved ones can overcome the battle associated with weight

How you can recreate your story

How you can reinvent yourself even in midlife

How to turn your personal pain into purpose

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Illinois Wellness and Weight Loss Centers







Dr. Goldwyn Foggie and Carla Bonner are two sisters who have left their primary careers to build a wellness practice. Dr. Foggie’s passion stemmed from her desire to help people avoid chronic disease and obesity-related illness after the loss of loved ones. Carla’s passion came from suffering from her personal struggle with obesity. Their ministry is assisting others in overcoming battles associated with weight (which is a multi-factorial, neuro-behavioral, and psychological disease).

Dr. Foggie is a native Chicagoan, a graduate of Northwestern University as well as the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine. She practiced Obstetrics/Gynecology for over 20 years. Her parents suffered from obesity and struggled with kidney failure, amputations, cancer, and heart disease. Watching both of her parents live with these health challenges sparked her commitment to better nutrition and fitness and it made her want to help her patients as well. In 2016 she launched the Illinois Wellness and Weight Loss Centers (IWWLC).

Dr. Foggie helped her sister, Carla, shed over 100 pounds. After seeing the results of her commitment to herself, Carla left her career of 30 years as a chemical lab technician to join Dr. Foggie as a Certified Health Coach/Consultant and together they are dedicated to transforming lives. Carla then began her ministry, Journey to Wholeness which promotes lifestyle changes by educating and instilling healthy food habits that decrease the risk and impact of obesity.

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