Fit Thru Faith with Charlie Jordan-Brookins

In this episode we cover:

What it means to be Fit Thru Faith

How to get Fit Thru Faith without diets or gimmicks, just God’s plan

What is the disconnect between God’s desire for us to live an abundant life with joy and what we are actually experiencing

Why diets fail

What is Sugar-free (dom)

How applying the acronym “RENEW” can help you achieve freedom from sugar

What are the “6 MORES” and how they can completely transform your life

How Faith, Food & Fitness fuel your future

“There is a call on my life to be a bridge to your breakthrough in your whole-body health. It’s my purpose to help you make the critical connection between your faith, food, and fitness to be of the greatest service to God and this world. Over the years, by God’s grace, I have witnessed testimony after testimony of what happens when you make the critical Faith, Food, and Fitness connection.  I know what happens when you replace willpower with spiritual power and replace “man’s food” with God’s food to truly enjoy good health. This journey isn’t easy and it’s not quick.  It’s a lifelong lifestyle adventure of exploration and action – which is why it’s important to have a village to support you. I don’t take it lightly that you’ve taken the time to read these words, and I’m excited to partner with you on this adventure.

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Be sure to get your copy of her book available on Amazon: Faith, Food & Fitness: 40 Days to Renew Your Mind and Transform Your Body

And check out her Weekly LIVE 15 minutes Workout on YouTube

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