Soul Full Solutions with Donna Fairhurst

In this episode we cover:

The Power(energy) of your word, externally & internally, creates your reality: I AM

The Calm Principle: a practice of non-judgment NOW and ultimate alignment with your Soul Energy

Living from Sacred Soul/Self is the highway to Grace when you cannot feel love.

9 steps for clearing, cleaning, and amping up your energy to live on purpose, in purpose, with purpose, wherever you are whatever you are doing, whoever you are with, here and NOW.


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Soul Full Solutions





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Donna Fairhurst is an Intuitive Life & Soul Transition Coach, Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, Empath an Angelic, Auric & Chakra Intuitive and a Holistic Practitioner of many healing modalities that compliment traditional medicine, such as Reiki, EFT, NLP, Vibration and sound resonance. She has studied spiritual & healing modalities and practices for over 4 decades. Over those years she has learned to embody and live from her highest degree of awareness, attuned to vibrations of healing, via Reiki, Chakra and Auric resonance. She has always been a teacher /coach, one way or another, through all of her life experiences. It took her 64 years to realize that teaching/coaching was her passion and ultimate life purpose.

By combining life coaching, psychic & healing abilities, scientific aura imaging, and more, she guides her clients to pivot powerfully through any transition or challenge, creating soul “full” solutions, to reach their highest levels of personal awareness, with Balance, Clarity and Coherence.

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