The Chakra Doctor with Rance Dunbar

In this episode we cover:

·         Your turning point can come when you pack up and leave

·         Forgiveness is necessary to heal, move forward, and clear the baggage

·         Don’t become a mirror of your pain

·         How our perception of time affects our approach to life and our reflections to grow

·         “Greater is He that is within me” allows you to tap into The Messenger and The Message

·         The difference between being in the world or being of the world

·         The connection between nutrition, spirituality, and financial freedom

·         How we treat our bodies on the inside will determine how the universe responds to us on the outside

·         Your body is the temple of God—cleansing the toxins is vital to hearing from God clearly because of improved spiritual consciousness

·         There is always a silver lining in your clouds of darkness

Rance Dunbar, also known as, The Chakra Doctor, was born and raised in the Big Easy New Orleans. After overcoming countless hardships in life including child abuse, depression, disease, addiction, lack of education, suicide attempts, near death and more, he propelled himself into a positive spiritual state of being and into a full-time black business owner. Rance was able to turn his life around into what he calls a complete success. 


Phone: 818-429-1675

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Rance DunbarThe Chakra Doctor is most known for 3 things:

  1. Creating The Miracle Food All-Natural Intracellular Detox Cleansing Regimen
  2. Creating The FCA Yoga Guided Meditation
  3. Creating The Money Magick Esoteric Program

To learn more about The Chakra Doctor and his work, please visit:

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